Nov 11


Wow another Thanksgiving already, the years just fly by faster every year.

This year we are thankful for the new addition to our family, Aydin he is just a dream.

Bright curious eyes, and when he grins it just melts your heart, and that laugh precious.

We are also thankful ,that everyone is healthy and able to have a roof over their heads.

Could the family be more prosperous ,yes as a lot of families in the new normal America.

We are very grateful for our Golf Addicts customer’s and have put select items on sale for this coming black friday shopping day.

We have also lowered are normal shipping rates to help with the cost of buying your favorite golf items.

You will find Animal Head covers, Boise State Head Covers, Fleece Outerwear and Nike Dri-Fit shirts highlighted for the beginning of the holiday season.

We will be placing more items on sale during the season weekly, so be sure to check back for your favorites accessory.

It also my sweet husband’s birthday and I am thankful he is safe and sound, it is hard being apart this year but he is loved very much.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and Happy Birthday to my husband!




Happy Thanksgiving


Shaun & Stephanie

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