May 12

Spring in the northwest is always a mixed bucket of weather.

One never knows if it is going to snow, rain or be in the 70’s or warmer.

With that said as we wait to get out on the golf course, I am volunteering with an organization interested in getting youth unplugged, from electronics, internet and such just get up and moving.

Gold Buckle is the name of the non-profit organization.

So I helped put together a putt-putt tournament, at a cutting horse show, held at the Idaho Horse Park this week.

All of the people were great to work with, and found the concept of having horse events and golf together as an interesting concept.

Sue Marostica is an old friend, and has been involved with the Idaho Cutting Horse Association for years.

She facilitates these events; in addition she has founded, Gold Buckle to help get youth, more plugged into the community.

I will be writing more about these events as I become more familiar with the organization.

I am very excited to be involved and helping get the word out to all activates we will be offering during the coming months.

I want to Thank Leny at Fairview Golf Course for the use of putters, golf balls and the donation of a gift certificate for this event.

I have enclosed a link to the web site please take a minute and look at it.


We will be holding a charity golf tournament this September 7th,2012 and I will update regularly as how to register to play.

We are running spring specials to get you ready for a fantastic golfing season.

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