Oct 11

Well by golly, it would appear that summer is going by very fast.

We have been so busy working, and not playing golf, very sad turn of events indeed.

Shaun is driving truck in North Dakota making great money; it has been referred to as the new gold rush.

I am working in a call center and can attest that it is not my career of choice.

We made these radical changes, so that as we head towards retirement we are in charge of when and where we can go and play golf.

Wanting to keep our nest egg intact that was made possible by PCH, and was looking a little scarce with recent events in the stock market.

So, with all of that said I do not have any good golf vacation stories to share, and need help!

If any of you have some stories you would like to share on this blog please let me know.

You can contribute by going to the fan page on face book and e-mailing them to us.

Sharing your golf experiences, or just how you spent the summer.

Look forward to hearing from you and publishing your vacation experiences.

Oct 11

Golf is it going to be a reality any time soon, so that we can get out and swing a club?

The weather has been brutal this year, all around this great country, 70’s one day and than a blizzard the next, wow Mother Nature is putting us through are paces this year.

We had been out in the yard on Friday, putting out all of the patio furniture, making the patio look fantastic.

Plans were put in place to go golfing on Saturday.

That morning we quickly realized that plans were down the tubes!

Rainy and windy so we went to breakfast instead, nice more inches to the waist line instead of fresh air and exercise.

I am sure that soon I will be blogging about how it is too hot to golf, bring it so I can get to complaining!

To say we all have cabin fever is an understatement; you read the comments all over face book, lots of people wanting to get out of the house and into the outdoors.

Shaun is taking advantage of the down time between snowmobiling and golfing by looking for a new wedge.

His disappeared last year during one of our Golf Addicts Tournaments, and was never found again.

He has found a smoking deal on Nike Victory Red Forged Wedge, since clubs are very competitive and we want to give our customers the best deals in golf.

We are an affiliate on TGW and have a banner on the web site.

We also have a banner, that takes you to hundreds of stores that offer cash back, just sign up for your free account and get fantastic golf deals and cash back.

We stay in constant contact with our suppliers, and check to see who is running the best specials to offer the best in deals for our golf customers.

Right now the two stores would be TGW which we are on affiliate of and Golf Smith.

Whoever you choose to go with, get to checking out the deals and get stocked up for the coming season, it is just around the corner that we will all be swinging a golf club.


Oct 11

Relief entered my body as soon as the doctor said it was good news.

No cancer yeah, now let’s get back to life as I knew it, before having a little down time to get these test done.

I have updated product on the web site to include new collegiate golf head covers.

Lots of golf tees, epoch golf tees, collegiate ball markers, and go-pink golf product, and numerous golf head covers.

If you do not find what you want or need contact us and I will hunt it down for you!

It is snowing outside as I write this blog, but as we all know in the northwest, just wait a minute and the weather will change.

It will be no time at all and the sun will be shining and we will all flock to the local golf course.

So, do not procrastinate about getting stocked up on your favorite golf accessories.

By my last postings one never knows where life will lead to and it happens in a moment’s notice, so

Take every moment to enjoy your life, and to enjoy mine, give me golf course.


Oct 11

Obviously, the waiting is actually worse than the actual procedure, as was the case with my needle biopsy yesterday. I have been ripping my husband’s face off for days, god forbid you buy the wrong spaghetti sauce. I am sure he will update all on that little psychotic episode.

The experience started off with the table breaking, and my thought, god I should not have gained that 20pds back now look what this has caused.

I was assured by all that was not the case, bet you say that to all tubby women with their boobs hanging out. They luckily were able to get me off the table and back to the waiting room, another couple of inches higher and I would have been stuck while they fixed the fuse.

Anyway we got back to the start of the adventure, and that is when my team turned into the comedy group of Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta -Jones and George Clooney. People get so sensitive when you mention blogging.

The procedure went off without a hitch after that, and was not as bad as I had built up in the mind.

The table though was as bad as they claimed, darn uncomfortable, imagine a table with a big hole, made to put you breast through so they can work under you. No way to get a comfortable position, not to mention “Julia” wrenching down on the tissue, to get a good sample. Sister that tissue is connected to a woman with nerve endings! Really they do try not to hurt you, and I must be kind, what if I have to go back? They still have instruments of destruction in their hands.

In all seriousness, Thanks to all of them for getting me, through an emotional experience, one no women ever wants to go through.

We will not get the results for several days, but I am sure they will be fine.

In the mean time why not stock up on tees, maybe some Breast Cancer Awareness Tees?

Or my favorites Epoch Golf Tees, or check out the new collegiate golf head covers.

We still have Boise State golf balls, golf ball markers and golf balls on special.


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