Oct 11

My heart is racing today for two reasons, very excited to see who the next publishers clearing house winner is and waiting to have a biopsy.

As of this writing still not home yet, boy are they in for a big surprise, of who is sitting on the porch.

Second ,I am getting ready to go in to Boise for a needle biopsy, I am positive all will turn out fine; it is just getting this over with that is causing anxiety.

I would much rather be out playing a round of golf!

To all of the people who have to go through trying times as such my sympathy.

Good news Shaun has to wait on me hand and foot when we are done.

LOL, I already have ever thing taken care of, no offense but I have had you cook for me before honey.

Anyway it seems the newest winner of PCH super prize is still not home, and we need to get to the doctor’s appointment.

Shaun can check and see who wins while he waits.

Congratulations to who ever won, how exciting!

Danielle Lam and Natalie B keep us all amused by posting on face book and twitter.


Oct 11

There is a saying “That Life Changes in an instant” and I am living proof of that saying.

Case in point was winning Publishers Clearing House Super Prize in August of 2009.

That of course was a life changing moment and a very happy change of events.

Now to my latest case in point, I was sitting putting on golf product, Monday of this last week.

The product at that time was Go Pink, of course it has to do with Breast Cancer awareness.

The phone rings and I notice it is the hospital calling, I was waiting for the results of my yearly mammogram and of course was expecting the normal, "all is fine see you next year".

So sure of this, that I did not fully comprehend the conversation until after I hung up.

The doctor has found something, can you be here tomorrow to have further test run?

Of course I scheduled the appointment, and returned to putting on my Go Pink product.

I was to leave for the gym, in an hour, and wanted to complete the task.

Now of course, the total irony of the moment did not escape me, but no time to panic, it is just another test.

Well, as of Tuesday ,of this last week the test did not go my way. So we will be going for further evaluation this next Monday. To say the least, now I am a little apprehensive, but I am sure all will be fine.

So, once again you never know when life will change, in an instant, so there really is no time like the present.

As soon as this weather breaks I am going golfing!

In the mean time enjoying all around me, will be my goal.

Hug those loved ones and get in contact with friends.

One more shout out for the PCH group, enter my friends you never know!!


Oct 11

To all golf addicts waiting in anticipation for spring, now is a good time to look at what you will need for the upcoming golf season. I would also take a look at those wants; you never know when a great sale on golf accessories is taking place. I personally am putting in an order for Epoch Golf Tees I love them.

They reduce drag on my tee shots, and are the perfect size for three pars.

Lord knows I need all of the advantages I can get with this game of golf.

We also now have several collegiate teams featured, on ball markers, magnetic golf head covers, collegiate golf bags and hat clips.

In the next several days we will be adding a lot of new product to the store featured on face book, under the Golf Addicts fan page. If you go on the site and like the page, you will receive a 10% discount on the golf store. If you don’t find what you need, just go on the golf addicts internet store and put in the code likegolf as you check out, and get the 10% discount.

The sun is shining outside of my window as I type this blog, and it is only increasing my desire to get outside and play a round of golf.

I would like to once again thank Dave Sayer for including golf addicts in a PCH Blog.

Also remember that February 28th is fast approaching and the chance to win a million dollars for life.

Now that would certainly buy a lot of golf accessories and golf travel.


Oct 11

It has come to our attention that a video of our experience, on the Oprah show has been posted by Shaun’s cousin Jamie Levin Gornichec on facebook.

This posting has caused a lot of chatter from the Gornichec’s, on the subject of family and our experience.

October 28th 2009 in Chicago was a bit over cast and rainy, but none of that dampened our excitement.

The limo arrived at 5:45 to pick us up and take us to harpo studios. The driver regaled us with stories of how he drives for Steadman most of the time and how he is such a nice person. He also pointed out land marks and such during the drive, not sure what they were too nervous.

Upon arriving we had to wait in the limo until he went and got clearance from security.

You are greeted by producers of the shows and assistants, all of your belongings are kept in a secure place where there is no danger of you having a camera.

We were than taking to a room outfitted with a makeup chair, couches and a TV tuned to the Oprah Show.

During the time allotted for makeup the ladies told us that working for Oprah is truly a blessed experience, that she is indeed the best person to work for.

After getting our makeup and hair done, it was time for sound, they ran the mic inside the clothing and attached to our trousers and tested, all good.

Next another producer came up and ran through the possible conversation with Oprah, letting us know she is the boss and may not stick to what had been rehearsed.

All of a sudden there was an interruption and we were taken to the studio for a run through.

We were told where we would enter from, sit talk with Oprah and then the van would be driving onto the stage. They instructed me to let Oprah know if she wasn’t moving that we needed to move so we did not get run over. Dream on I wasn’t telling Oprah squat, I am sure we would get moving.

After a lot of activity dead calm as we waited, we heard the crowd like thunder below are feet and the nerves went through the roof.

When they came to get us the adrenaline started pumping, and off we went to a holding place outside of the studio. We have all seen the hallway with the chairs and the huge doors.

Trust me they look a lot bigger in person, all of a sudden the door swings open and a nice man with a head set says it is time. Shaun shoots out of his seat and needs a bathroom. REALLY NOW.

He has a bladder the size of an elephant, to say the least I threatened his life if he did not hump it to the bathroom and get his butt right back. He was quick like a bunny did I mention adrenaline.

All of a sudden we are standing to the side of the stage and Oprah is directly in front of us, they instruct us to walk over to the seats and sit next to her. Yeah, you try to get those legs a moving, but by a miracle they did function.

We waited quietly as she got instructions from her people, boy they talk to her like she might forget what she is supposed to do. Finally she made it clear that she got all of the instructions (duh).

Basically, move it when the van got started toward the stage, since they wanted to make sure they got stopped, and did not drive into the audience, I thought this was a great plan myself.

Oprah then turned to me and asked how are you doing? I thanked her for being on the show stuttered something about the kids all saying hi. She then said, I did not think PCH was for real, and the cameras came on and you have seen the rest.

Needles to say we beat feet off the stage and I am not real sure what happened after that, show over, limo pick up and back at the hotel.

Best time of our lives, thanks to Oprah and PCH!

Thanks Jamie, for letting us revisit that day if you have not seen the show we have included the link.


Shaun and Stephanie Gornichec

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