Oct 11

Thanks to Dave Sayer for including golf addicts blog in his latest blog post.

We are eternally grateful to be associated with this fantastic organization that continues to make dreams come true.

I am still stunned by comments on the PCH blog stating they don’t believe this is all real?

Or are they saying it, to get a rise out of people, really time to come up with a new come back.

Once, again I will state my case that all of you should enter ,and do it now as the time for the winner to be announced will be February 28th.

I truly am excited to find out who wins such an amazing prize, really a million a year.

Now that truly is financial relief!

So once again the site is www.pch.com or just click on the link to get your entry and your chance to win.

Like Dave says you must be in it to win it.

Good Luck!

Shaun and Stephanie Gornichec

Oct 11

I get a lot of questions about how I won Publishers Clearing House Super Prize.

One answer, I entered, and entered, and entered, that is the ONLY way to win.

No magic secret just a desire to get out of a financial situation that was grave, so I thought what the heck it could not hurt.

No, I did not buy a lot of product from them, and they do not require it.

Even though now my husband thinks I am a little obsessive, with the buying, but hey they have great products, and I don’t have to go to the mall so I bought Christmas presents for the kids that way.

Now they are starting a new contest a million dollars for life to the winner.

Are you going to sit there and tell me it is too much trouble to enter?

I have heard that several times, once is okay but Stef, they keep sending e-mails and I have to enter daily. Really!!

Well, here is the deal, I will continue to enter every time, and if I were fortunate enough, to win again no whining from the cheap seats.

It really does not take that much effort and the payoff is so much more than your effort.

Take a look at the pictures of the latest family snowmobiling trip, and check out how it feels to be a winner www.pchtv.com

The link to get started is www.PCH.com don’t delay another minute, you will thank yourself for the effort.

And when you win, drop me a line and thank us for giving you the nudge you needed to get it done!

Stephanie & Shaun

Oct 11

We have revamped our website to better serve our customers.  

We hope you like the new look and the improved shopping experience.  

We will be adding new blog posts on new items we have added etc.  

So check back often :-)

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