Oct 11

I have been asked why we carry a skin care line on a golf site.

Well, I personally forget to put on a sun screen product upon arriving at the golf course.

Being a busy person as a lot of us are, my mind is constantly in motion with other ideas and thoughts.

I am happy just to remember my golf shoes and hat, let alone the need to apply an SPF product.

Usually comes to mind on the 11th hole as the sizzle of my burning nose gets to my conscience mind. giving me the look of forgetting to apply sun screen. Wish it was the look of the sun kissing my cheeks, but no it looks like a raisin and no milk in sight.

When I discovered the FCX-DNA product what a pleasant surprise it has a very pleasant light scent, and is not oily. I get out of the shower apply my body cream which has a SPF-25 and off I go.

On the days we are headed for the golf course, I use the SPF-50 body cream and do not have to give it another thought.

Which at my age is a good thing as I forget why I have gone into a room?

Believe you me; there is nothing more aggravating than standing in a room with that bemused look.

This is code for why am I in here, guess I might as well vacuum so I don’t appear to have forgotten again what I am up to.

I believe it is because my mind is so pre occupied with thoughts that I am too busy to focus to mundane task now days.

In my younger years, cleaning was a quest that I needed to conquer, done that been there, so now it is just a necessary chore that is why I am mentally challenged now days.

Anyway back to the point, I do not need any more wrinkles, so if I can take care of skin needs at the point of getting ready, I can free up my mind to deal with fun thoughts.

Like which golf course have we never been to, and which new adventure can we tackle.

So use FCX-DNA product, and do not stress about if you remembered to apply an SPF product, you have already done so.

Off to better tasks, did I remember to put on my new golf pants and where is my golf ball marker.



Oct 11

Author: Bobby Rusher

Ask your partner if he can suggest a way for you to avoid the water on your next shot.

Fall to the ground and begin to cry.

Ask what par is for the hole.

(This is the best one,really) Nonchalantly ask your partner, "Jimmy,how many yards from here?"


Golf Humor!




Oct 11


Passing along an article written by Dennis a member of FCX-DNA

FCX-DNA Products – Making a difference on the golf course, and at home…


Stephanie Gornichec greatly appreciates the importance of protection from the sun while enjoying a round of golf. In fact, she as well as other women (and men) on the course recognize that a good sun screen lotion protecting their skin helps a person concentrate on their game rather than worrying about how they will look and feel if the sun takes it’s toll. Her recommended product is the FCX-DNA ANTI OXIDANT BODY CREAM WITH SUN SCREEN.


Stephanie has tried numerous product lines that have caused itchy, uncomfortable, and even painful results but not with the FCX-DNA products. Past experience made her hesitant to try something new at first but she was pleasantly surprised to find ease of applying the FCX-DNA product with rapid absorption and no sticky feeling…and most important, no skin irritation!


At home, Stephanie has found in a short period of time that instead of buying a multitude of body and skin products, the FCX-DNA line is one that is good for the whole family. “I recommend FCX-DNA because of my own experience, and I’m ecstatic with the results!”


Oct 11


In anticipation of our appearance on the show “How the Lottery Changed my Life” airing on TLC

October 17th we changed the store front.

Customers in the past have had a difficult time finding what they wanted to order, so we changed the shopping cart.

If you have any problems please e-mail or call us so we can take care of any issues you may experience.

We have also added many new suppliers to give our valued customers the best products available to enhance their golfing experience.

In addition we have added a new anti-aging skin product that has SPF right in the body and face creams.

So if you are like I and you forget, you are already protected when you hit the golf course.

The company opened October 1st in Boise, Idaho FCX-DNA the product is based on DNA and is absorbed into the skin instead of just sitting on top.

I have been using for several weeks and could not be more pleased with the results.

As we move forward we will be adding new vendors and products so that hopefully you will be able to find everything that you need.

The new site as with all new has cost our web designer a lot of blood, sweat and I am sure tears!

So please leave comments if you like, and just call me if you don’t!!!

Please watch TLC this coming Monday it could be a great laugh as the filmed us golfing.

We have not previewed the show, so all of us will get to see the results of two days of filing condensed into a few minutes.

I have also added older blogs to the site, these were previously published on the old site.



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